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Honorary Patron: Joyce DiDonato

Associate Institution: Morley College


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In 2017 we are bringing communities together across the UK in partnership workshops linked to another collaborative concert at the Union Chapel on TUESDAY THE 25TH of JULY. Partnerships will connect diverse communities across the country, enhancing cohesion and developing collaborative and communicative skills through music. Solo artists will include Sarah Connolly, Thomas Gould, Bernhard Schimpelsberger, Mark Lettieri, Jonathan Hoard and Saida Tani, with 400 singers from partnership workshops. Full details and tickets will be available in April.


Mission Statement


Common and Kind works to enhance community cohesion using multidisciplinary musical collaboration. We bring together diverse, divided and segregated communities: marginalised and privileged, young and old, international musical stars and complete beginners, in collaborative workshops and concerts. While comparable organisations might target a specific age group, demographic, level of ability or musical style, we bring together all ages, backgrounds, levels and styles, creating truly far-reaching and profound collaborations. Workshop participants, guest artists and audiences are all exposed to an extremely diverse range of musical styles which act as a potent model for cohesion, communication and integration.


Aims and Objectives


- To enhance cohesion between communities and cultures.

- To counteract division and prejudice through cross-cultural collaboration.

- To enhance opportunities for adults and children with limited access to musical education.

- To offer participants the opportunity to participate in world-class musical collaborations with leading artists from a diverse range of genres.

- To use the exceptional variety of our solo artists as a model of strength in diversity for participants and audiences.

- To improve the ability of participants to collaborate, co-operate and communicate.

-To use the public platforms of collaborative concerts and videos to demonstrate positive collaboration and the unique power of music to unite a divided world.


Funding applications are in place, but we are currently dependent upon the goodwill of individual supporters. If you are inspired by our story, would like to find out more about the work we have planned this year and become a Supporter, do email to find out more.